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MoldConfront mold immediately with restoration specialists

If you’re experiencing mold issues at your property, Restoration Specialists of Southwest Wisconsin can help. If you have live mold growing on your property, we can perform live mold testing, and then remove any items that were contaminated as a result.

For any in-wall contamination, we can conduct a thorough inspection and reconstruction, including drywall removal, mold cleanup, and new wall installation and paint.

Full-service restoration and cleaning services

Since 1983, our team has been providing Southwest Wisconsin with full-service restoration and cleanup services caused by water leaks, air quality, and other frustrating home repairs. That means you deal with one company from start to finish.

We work for you from the beginning of restoration or repairs to the end of cleanup to ensure that your property is glistening again! Call us today to get a FREE estimate on the services you need to solve your problem.